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Entry #1

First News Post + Important Update!

2013-03-27 13:18:23 by SoulofT

What's up, NG community! Time for an update on what I've been up to!

I'm currently working on an album which I plan on releasing this summer. I'm also thinking about remastering a lot of my old songs and making these into a separate album.

However, these two albums will probably be put on sale, and therefore I won't be able to upload the full songs here on Newgrounds...but you can always listen to the full versions on YouTube :)

If you guys would like to keep updated with my progress I'd appreciate it if you liked my facebook page: 101462

I'll be posting regular updates there, maybe previews etc., especially after I'm done with exams.

I think that after releasing these albums, I might take a break from trance and really begin trying out new genres, mostly in the orchestral direction. But until then... ^^

So... this concludes my first newgrounds new post :p

Hope you're all doing well, and best regards from me!



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2013-04-02 16:34:22


SoulofT responds:

yup :)


2013-04-15 14:06:56

Work hard and make them good. Looking forward.

SoulofT responds:

Will do :)